DeGroot joins DDD staff

Staff Writer

    The Decatur Daily Democrat would like to introduce the newest reporter to join our staff, MacKenzie DeGroot.
    DeGroot is a graduate from Indiana University with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. She was born in Fort Wayne and grew up in Avilla, and has settled down in Fort Wayne after college to be closer to family.
    Her first foray into journalism was when she was 12 years old and wanted to be an investigative journalist/detective. She wrote stories about all of her neighbors, most of which she made up. She was always sure to include license plate numbers and very, very detailed notes about her observations on these spy missions.
    DeGroot wrote for the school paper at East Noble High School, and loved learning about strange occurrences after hours and people's weird hobbies. One of her favorite subjects was the ghost that lived in the basement. Her least favorite subject was sports, and that hasn't changed.
    In college her passions shifted toward creative writing. DeGroot began writing poetry, and was fortunate enough not only to get two poems published, but win "Poem of the Year" award from Labyrinth, a literary journal. Her poem was about pizza, and if you ask her about it, she will proudly recite the whole thing to you.
    "I'm proud to be a reporter for The Decatur Daily Democrat," said DeGroot. "I'm very excited to see what Adams County has in store for me."
    In her spare time, DeGroot can be found reading Stephen King books, writing poetry and covering Led Zeppelin songs with her band. She can also be found at a local pizza shop.