“Adams County government is fiscally strong!"

“As Adams County treasurer," Ed Dyer said at last week's commissioners meeting, "I deal directly with the billing and collections of over $32 million annually. This is on some 24,000 real estate parcels in Adams County. In addition, the county treasurer deals with the collection of personal property taxes."

“This [is] along with many other entities we collect money from: motor vehicle-highway funds [from the state], wheel taxes, excise taxes, aircraft taxes, boat excise taxes, auto rental taxes, local-option tax funds, state 911 [emergency communications] funds, Department of Corrections, Homeland Security, Department of Health, parks and recreation, highway department, health department, health clinic, bond investment interest, our program to collect [unpaid] personal property judgments, and a new procedure to help taxpayers affected by COVID.”

That, he said, “brings the amount of money that comes through this office to over $80 million annually, plus we add the ARPA money of nearly $7 million over two years.

“We work closely with the auditor’s office to make sure all this money gets distributed . . . into the over 100 funds [the auditor] administers.

“We carefully monitor our self-funded county insurance policy. We have enough money in our health insurance reserve account to more than pay for a full year.

“This office goes above and beyond in contacting taxpayers who are delinquent in their payments. In most cases, they were inadvertently forgotten. These taxpayers came in and promptly paid. Others contacted this office and learned what they needed to do to get current.

“I have a firm belief that if everyone pays what is owed, there is less of a burden on all of us.

Changing topics, he concluded:

“With this said, inflation is becoming more and more prevalent. The cost of everything continues to rise. We are budgeted very close to what we spend annually. There is a very small percentage of budgeted money not spent by end of each year.

“It is my duty as county treasurer to do all I can to collect all money owed. All of us are doing a good job keeping to very tight budgets, all this [while] dealing with ever-increasing costs.

“This is a reason for all of us to keep a close eye on our income and expenditures.

“We must do all we can to stay within our respective budgets.

“We must also continue to do all we can to use every funding source we can to bring all possible revenue to Adams County.”

He closed by mentioning that the county government includes more than 250 people. The county has about 36,000 residents.

As Mellencamp stated, “it takes a whole team” for the county government to succeed.


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