Dekegger Festival

Home-brewed beer and lots of barbeque will be filling the streets of Decatur on Saturday afternoon as the 6th annual Dekegger festival kicks off. The idea started in 2016 as a proposal thrown out during a brainstorming session by the Mainstreet Committee, as they attempted to find ideas to grow and raise money downtown. They really wanted something different, and because they already had Decatur Days and the Callithumpian Festival during Halloween, and the possibility of a beer festival seemed like a unique idea.

Former Mainstreet Committee President Max Miller and Head of Promotion Melissa Norby worked together, agreeing that a combination of beer and a festival might really take off in this area. Together they brainstormed the name. Dekegger was somewhat inspired by Brew Haven in New Haven, according to Miller. The name had some controversy, because it came with a fraternity party vibe, but the name stuck and gained more and more popularity. 

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