Winter one of snowiest ever here

    The winter which finally came to a close on Sunday evening left behind one of Decatur's snowiest seasons of all time.
    The city received just under 45 inches of snow — 44.75 was the exact measurement — from December through early March, with more than half of that total coming in the month of February, local weather station officials said.
    It all began with 7.5 inches in December, then January of the new year brought 11 inches of snow. February, though, was the toughest month by far — 25.75 inches of snow. That's an average of almost an inch of snow per day!
    So far in March — let's hope the snow is over! — the city has seen half an inch of snow recorded.
    Fort Wayne had an almost identical total in what goes down there as the third snowiest winter since 1897, when the National Weather Service began keeping records.
    Fort Wayne received 45.3 inches of snow in December through February, 19.5 inches above normal, according to the weather service.
    The city's greatest amount of snow came during the winter of 1981-82, when 61.1 inches fell. The second-largest total was 49.8 inches in 1977-78.