Winter leaves Decatur with potholes galore

    The beat goes on: Snow; bitter cold; water main breaks; water line freezeups; streets which are rough and rutted (and lately, full of slush); big winds. And coming next: Potholes; actually, more potholes.
    City Operations Manager Jeremy Gilbert outlined for city council at its meeting Tuesday night the ongoing battle with the winter of 2013-14, which has the city near-record snowfall.
    In the last two weeks, he said, the city has received calls about 23 service lines (the lines from city mains to homes/businesses) being frozen. The frost, he noted, is unusually deep, probably some four feet down in the ground. Gilbert urged local residents to let water taps drip “for a few more days” in attempting to avoid frozen lines.
    In addition, Gilbert said, “We’ve been experiencing a lot of main breaks,” and, he warned, more are likely to be coming in the near future.
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