Winter comes home to roost, to the tune of $82,000 in expenses to city

    It was a long, tough winter, as everyone knows, but just how tough on the City of Decatur was unveiled in rather stark terms at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.
    Bottom line is this: The city usually spends anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000 to get through a winter – overtime for workers, salt, fuel, etc. — but the one now, thankfully, behind us was a record setter: $82,000-plus in expenses.
    That staggering sum is likely to cut out some other city projects as the year continues.
    “How do you predict a winter like the one we just had?” city Operations Manager Jeremy Gilbert said as he proposed a transfer of funds within his department to cover the winter costs which, of course, were well over what he had budgeted. “It was the worst one we’ve had in some time,” he added in something of an understatement. 
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