Wind test foes are told to list their ideas

     A group of concerned residents addressed the Adams County Commissioners on Monday regarding a proposed wind test tower in Adams County.
    Commission Chairman Doug Bauman asked that Building/Planning and Zoning director Neil Ogg and plan commission attorney Adam Miller address the crowd as to the proper channels for submitting a variance.
    Miller told the citizens that in order to amend the current ordinance the group needs to make a list of the issues they feel need addressed, then submit their concerns to the commissioners.
    Miller stated that after commissioners have reviewed the group's concerns, a recommendation will be made to the planning commission as to any changes commissioners feel should be addressed.
    Ogg informed the group that it could take as long six months to modify the ordinance, assuming commissioners make that recommendation.
    The news brought about concerns by the group of action being taken by Gamesa, the company proposing the building of the wind test tower, before a variance could be obtained.
    Miler said he would contact Gamesa officials and notify them of potential action regarding a variance of the ordinance.
    Adams County Attorney Mark Burry noted that, as of now, there are no applications on file with the county for a wind farm in Adams County.