A whole lot of bricks

    Adams County Service Complex Maintenance Supervisor Dave Meyer updated the Adams County Commissioners on the status of several aspects surrounding the peace monument being constructed on the southwest corner of courthouse square.
    Meyer reported that 637 paver bricks have arrived for the project, but that the engraving of the bricks with the names of donors is a "slow process. Nobody expected to sell that many bricks," he commented. The individual charged with engraving the bricks "can only do about 20 a day," Meyer said, adding that he's "thinking of holding off" installing the bricks until next spring. "If we lay them in the first part of May, everything should be ready by Memorial Day," he added.
    "When the weather starts changing on you, it's better to hold off. I know that people would like to see them installed sooner than that, but I recommend we wait," Meyer stated. Commissioners concurred with his recommendation.
    With regard to the fountain portion of the project, Meyer noted that work has begun on that phase of the construction, adding that "hopefully, it (the fountain) will be done in a week or so."