Warning: lock doors

    Area residents, lock your doors! That's the warning Monroe Town Marshall Dio Hernandez gave to town council members Thursday evening.
    Hernandez reported there has been a string of thefts, mainly from unlocked vehicles, that began in the Geneva area, moved north to Berne, and has now become prevalent in Monroe.
    "These people are basically walking down the street looking for unlocked vehicles," said Hernandez. "They see a locked car and they move on to the next until they find one that's open."
    So far most of the items taken have been relatively small, according to Hernandez. "They're taking stereos, electronics, CDs, purses, pretty much anything that's left out in the open."
    Hernandez is quick to warn that this doesn't mean the thieves will not escalate their activities by moving on to homes or businesses.
    "I've been leaving tags on people's homes, telling them they need to close their garages and lock their doors," Hernandez said. "So far, that seems to be the key. Just keep your doors locked. It's hard, I know, because we live in a safe town and this isn't something we're used to. But until these guys are caught, it's the best bet to keep your property safe. Just lock your doors."
    Hernandez asks that anyone with information about the crimes call the town marshall immediately: (260) 692-6215.