Vote for Wren!

    "Vote for Wren!"
    That's the battle cry in a Ohio small community near Decatur as its residents unite to try to win up to $50,000 in a national contest sponsored by Reader's Digest magazine.
    The contest, called "We Hear You, America," started last year and provided financial aid and promotional support to 110 towns across the United States.
    The 2010 contest was won by the little town of Grand Marais, Michigan, which has just 300 people, but compiled almost 1.3 million votes. The town received $40,000, which is being used to repair the community's seawall.
    An announcement about the Wren campaign says, "Wren residents have started logging on in droves to vote for their town and, with just a little more support, Wren could have a shot at winning the grand prize. Any town is eligible to win, regardless of population. 'We Hear You, America' is truly a grassroots movement, driven by community spirit."
    To vote for Wren, or any other community in the U.S., log onto and then type in the name of the town and click on the word "vote." Anyone may vote as many times as he or she wants.
    The announcement add that while on the site, individuals are encouraged to upload photos of their towns, describe the needs of their communities, and talk about why they live in the best place in America.