Vandals strike new REV Sports Complex at Hanna-Nuttman


The progress being shown on a $2.3 million city project took a hit overnight Saturday when someone drove through a grassy area of the Rev Sports Complex at Hanna-Nuttman Park.
“It was reported this (Sunday) afternoon that the west side off the new REV Sports Complex at Hanna-Nuttman Park had been vandalized sometime over night,” Police Chief Leonard Corral Jr. said. “An unknown person, who appeared to be driving a large-size vehicle, drove through the newly planted grass area and caused significant damage.
“If anyone has any information on the vandalism, I urge them to call the Decatur Police Department at 724-8646.”
The chief said he urges the person or persons responsible “to come forward and accept responsibility for your actions; the consequence will be less with your honesty. If you have not accepted responsibility by the end of the business day on Monday, a criminal investigation will take place and when caught you will be prosecuted.”
Corral said anyone with information that leads to the person or persons responsible will remain anonymous.
He also noted there are several businesses that surround Hanna-Nuttman Park and undoubtedly their cameras will have captured the vandalism — “not to mention the perfect tire tread pattern you left as evidence.”
“Our community came together and made it possible to begin construction of the new REV Sports Complex at Hanna-Nuttman Park,” Mayor Ken Meyer said. “Unfortunately, some very disrespectful person decided to vandalize one of the new outfields. We'll make the necessary repairs and we will move on.
“I ask everyone to keep watch as they drive by the park. If you see anyone showing any disrespect, please call 911. If anyone might have any information regarding the vandalism, please call the Decatur Police Department 724-8646. Thank you!”