UPDATE: Decatur woman faces possible animal cruelty charges

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UPDATED Sept. 11, 2017:

Decatur Daily Democrat

    The investigation continues into the death of two dogs — and the disappearance of a third — inside a Decatur home.
    Decatur Police Detective Sergeant Leonard Corral Jr. said this morning he first received verbal consent by Beth Callow Furhmann to search the home on 3rd Street, then obtained a search warrant to enter the home Friday.
    Corral said Norman's Pest Control was called into the home Friday morning to spray for a severe flea infestation.  Friday afternoon, he and Dr. Lorrie Riggs of Red Barn Veterinary Care entered the home Friday afternoon, with the air tanks and masks provided by the Decatur Fire Department.
    The home was littered with trash and feces, Corral said, and fleas were still prevalent. "It was probably the worst house I've ever seen in my life," Corral commented.
    Two of the dogs were located — one upstairs and one downstairs — while a third, a chihuahua, was not located. Corral said the house was in such a state of disarray it is possible the chihuahua is in the home underneath debris. "We only had 30 minutes of air in the tanks, and we looked, but we couldn't find it."
    Corral said Riggs conducted a visual examine of the dogs and determined the probable cause of death to be malnutrition and dehydration. A full examination will be performed, he said. Riggs removed the dogs from the home and they will be taken to Fort Wayne for proper disposal, he said.
    Reports have been/will be submitted to Adams County Jeremy Brown, who will determine whether Furhmann faces charges, Corral said.
    More information will be released as it becomes available.



Sept. 7, 2017.

Decatur Daily Democrat

    A Decatur woman could be facing animal cruelty charges after two dogs were found dead in her 3rd Street home.
    Decatur Police Detective Sergeant Leonard Corral Jr. said this morning he received a report Tuesday about the incident involving Beth Callow Fuhrmann after the woman's sister discovered the dogs inside the home.
    Callow's sister came to the home to check on the wellbeing of Fuhrmann, as well as the dogs, after reportedly being told by a child in the Fuhrmann home he hadn't seen his dog in two weeks, as they were living someplace else.
    Corral said the woman immediately noticed a foul odor upon entering the house, and one dog was found upstairs and one downstairs. The whereabouts of a third dog are not known at this time, Corral said.
    Corral said the house appears unkept, and as though no one has been there for quite some time.
    Callow is scheduled to speak to Corral today regarding the matter, at which time he said he will determine whether the case will be sent to Adams County Prosecutor Jeremy Brown, who will then decide if charges will be filed.
    "The health department has been notified" Corral said. "They're probably going to need special suits or equipment due to the state of the house."
    More information will be released as it becomes available.