Unusual ideas offered at SA

    South Adams Schools Board Vice President Steve Dobler suggested during Tuesday's school board meeting that there be student body representation on the schools' board.
    Dobler explained that the board's bylaws allow up to two students to represent the student body as non-voting board members.
    "I'm looking to start that process in hopes that we can get it in place by the start of school next year," said Dobler. "I think it's something we ought to start looking at."
    Additionally, Dobler suggested that the schools implement a random drug testing policy for students who drive to school and/or are involved in extracurricular activities. Again, he suggested beginning to figure out how to implement the policy and how to fund it so it can be in place by the start of the 2011-12 school year.
    Dobler also suggested that the schools' dress code policy be updated. Currently, the policy pertains to how students dress during the school day. Dobler proposed that the update include students who are participating in off-campus school-sponsored activities.
    No motions or decisions were made regarding the proposed policy updates.