Two more arrests in holdup

    In what could be considered the "last hurrah" for Decatur Police Department Detective Eric "Keebie" Meyer, two men wanted in connection with the armed robbery on November 10 at the S.M.O.K.E.S. Tobacco Shop were apprehended in Fort Wayne on Monday.
    Meyer, who has served with the Decatur Police Department for nearly 31 years, many of them as a detective, noted that Decatur police, in conjunction with the Fort Wayne Police Department, arrested Gregory T. Clark, 19, Fort Wayne, and Marquel L. Bright, 21, Fort Wayne on charges of armed robbery. Clark is also facing a criminal confinement charge.
    A third man, Devonte M. Jones, 19, Fort Wayne, was arrested last week by Decatur police on charges of armed robbery and criminal confinement.
    All three men remained in custody today without bond at the Adams County Jail.
    Meyer, whose last day with the city department is Wednesday (he's leaving his post there to take the position of chief deputy of the Adams County Sheriff's Department in January), noted that the three arrests cleared up the case. He praised the cooperation of the Fort Wayne police, along with solid police work locally, in solving the case.
    He also noted that a recently installed video system at the S.M.O.K.E.S. store by Innovative Concepts of Decatur was instrumental in solving the cases because of the clear pictures of the men inside the store it provided. Meyer said Innovative Concepts owner Chris Caston immediately came to the assistance of police in downloading the pictures for their use. And, with other leads, police were able to arrest Jones on November 18 and learned of the whereabouts of Clark and Bright on Monday.
    Meyer said it was determined that Clark and Jones allegedly were the men who entered the store with handguns and demanded money from a clerk. They then left the building with an undetermined amount of cash and some cigarettes and got into a car allegedly driven by Bright. The charges of criminal confinement were lodged only against Clark and Jones since they allegedly held the clerk at gunpoint while demanding money. As the alleged getaway driver, Bright has only the armed robbery charge.
    Meyer said Clark and Bright were apprehended on Monday at a house on Rudisill Boulevard in Fort Wayne with the assistance of Fort Wayne police.