Two bridge projects top $1 million in cost

    Two big bridge projects in southern Adams County, involving a combined total of more than $1 million worth of work, dominated the meeting of the commissioners on Monday afternoon: rehabilitation of the covered bridge near Ceylon and reconstruction between Berne and Geneva of a bridge that stood for many years near the Bunge North America plant at Decatur.
    The larger of the two projects is the reinstallation of the old bridge from near Bunge, plus improving an existing old railroad bridge between Geneva and Berne, so those two spans can be used for a hiking and biking trail system in that area.
    Gary Habegger, president of South Adams Trails Inc., reported that SATI has received a $717,000 grant from the Indiana Department of Transportation, to which a $179,250 local matching grant must be added to make a total of $896,250 for that part of the project.
    Habegger said the bridge work is projected to start in 2014.
    He also said the local matching total is still being collected, which could include donations of land.
    Funding for the initial construction of the trail has been approved.
    The covered bridge rehabilitation project went through a bid-opening process yesterday, after which the commissioners took the six bids under advisement until they meet next Tuesday, a day later since Monday will be the Independence Day holiday.
    Each bid involved a base price and three alternates, with the commissioners to decide if any of the alternates ought to be done and can be afforded within the overall $441,280 amount set for the job.
    Alternate one is for fire protection. Alternate two is to repair an abutment. Alternate three is for cast-iron bearing shoes and support brackets.
    Here are the bids, including alternates listed as A1, A2, and A3:
    • R.G. Zachrich Construction of Defiance, Ohio — $625,560, with A1 of $16,900, A2 of $800, and A3 of $12,840.
    • Limberlost Construction of Geneva —$ 359,958, with A1 of $19,040, A2 of $3,500, and A3 of $93,000.
    • Pioneer Associates of Albion — $582,607.25, with A1 of $16,500, A2 of $13,000, and A3 of $21,270.
    • Jutte Excavating of Fort Recovery, Ohio — $321,910.93, with A1 of $15,000, A2 of $5,900, and A3 of $21,000.
    • CLR Inc. of Bloomington — $560,882, with A1 of $15,000, A2 of $9,895, and A3 of $27,120.
    • The Righter Co. Inc. of Columbus, Ohio — $407,120, with A1 of $14,000, A2 of $9,000, and A3 of $17,100