Traffic routes, parking bans set

    Decatur Police Chief Ken Ketzler has announced the traffic detours for this year's Callithumpian Parade, to be held at 7 p.m. next Monday.
    The parade route begins at Bellmont High School and will travel west on Monroe St. before heading south on Second St. and ending at Adams St.
    Second St. in downtown will be blocked off and cleared of all traffic at 5 p.m. from Monroe St. to Adams St.    
    At 6:30 p.m. the rest of the parade route will be closed to all traffic and officers will begin directing traffic to the Jackson St. detour.
    Officers will detour traffic at the intersection of US 224 and Jackson St. All vehicles, including large trucks, will follow Jackson St., which will be a two-way street for duration of the detour, west to the intersection of Jackson St. and 5th St.
    Any vehicle traffic going to the high school or other staging areas after 6:30 p.m. must use Jackson St.
     Parents dropping off children, and participants arriving for the formation of the parade at Bellmont High School, should use Jackson St. to the North Adams main entrance into Bellmont at US 224.
    This entrance will be one-way traffic to enter the high school area only. To exit the high school, all traffic must leave by the back entrance at East Monroe St. Extended. From there, traffic will be directed east to Piqua Rd. to go back to US 224 and return to town, Ketzler said.
    East Monroe St. Extended will be closed at 6 p.m. from Best-One Tires all the way to the back entrance of the high school in order to allow floats to line up on the street by the Callithumpian committee.
Post-parade traffic
    Due to the high volume of traffic that immediately follows the end of the parade, it is necessary to get the vehicles out of the immediate area parking lots in a timely manner, according to the police chief.
    Officers will once again use the following plan to safely and efficiently direct traffic from the Riverside Center parking lot, the Chamber of Commerce parking lot, and the Community Market parking lot.
    The following routes of travel will be observed:
    • Community Market lot: All traffic will be directed to the east. Any person wanting to go west must proceed to the intersection of North Adams Drive and Jackson St. where they will then be allowed to head west.
    • Riverside Center lot and Chamber of Commerce lot: All traffic must exit from the back entrance onto Jackson St. and turn east. Vehicles wishing to go west must follow the traffic detour on Jackson St. to the traffic light at US 224 and North Adams Drive where they will then be allowed to turn east or west on US 224.
    The front entrances near the Chamber of Commerce on Monroe St. will be blocked so that no traffic may enter these entrances. Vehicles using this lot are asked to be patient as the Riverside Center parking lot will be using the same plan for traffic movement.
    Ketzler said all officers directing traffic will give priority to Monroe St. traffic. Any vehicle using Monroe St., other than at the above locations should expect delays. Traffic will be broken periodically by officers to allow vehicles into the traffic pattern.
    "I would also like to ask that you realize you may be inconvenienced from normal travel and also realize that we will be moving a great amount of traffic in a short  time," said Ketzler. "We will try to make this as stress-free as possible for you. We would appreciate your giving extra attention, understanding, and patience as you approach the manned intersections for any directions being given."
    For everyone's enjoyment of the parade, no dogs or bicycles will be allowed along the parade route, according to the news release.