Top scores in the 'DDD March Challenge'

    With all the brackets scored for the opening three rounds leading up to Thursday's regional semi-final battles, some other "DDD March Challenge" contestants deserve mention.
    One of the top scores for the first three rounds belonged to Rob Knefelkamp, who totaled 61 points. Unfortunately, Rob liked Duke to take it all, so he's out. Kevin Ripley and David Miller (of Monroe) totaled 57 points, and picked Duke.
    Alvin Miller apparently has the top score of those picking Kansas at 62, and Kathy Gross is right there at 59. Former champ Al Miller has 56 and KU, with four teams left in the mix. Molly Zeser has 55 and Peggy Fry 53.
    Willis Christner is at 58 with OSU while Sam Magnan is at 57, Phyllis Smith 56, at at 55 are Jim McSwain, Brian Mitchem and Tim Fry.
    Dane Fuelling has 56 and Butler, so he's counting on the Bulldogs to get him the top prize. He also liked Richmond to go to the Sweet 16.
    Michael Ellenberger rolled up 59 points, but liked Pitt to win it all. Ryan Wilson had 57 points, and Pitt.
    An entire list of the pickers will be published in the next few days. A new group of leaders will emerge after this weekend's games. Several of the leaders have already taken hits with the loss of Duke, BYU and Wisconsin.