Tighter extension office security eyed

    Talk at Tuesday's meeting of the Adams County commissioners centered around a proposed improvement project for the Purdue Extension Service office in the Adams County Service Complex.
    Extension Educator Amy Johnson brought to commissioners' attention the need for increased security in the extension office, primarily regarding protecting the privacy of clients.
    Johnson stated that while every effort is made to protect the privacy of its clients, as the extension office is currently set up, case files are in clear view of people who approach an employee's desk.
    Johnson proposed moving the countertop that currently serves as a work station to a different location in the office, making it more difficult for those who enter the extension office to have any type of access to files currently being worked on by staff members. 
    However, Johnson noted that this would only be a temporary solution, adding that a more permanent remedy such as a door be installed in the near future.
    A request was made for approximately $12,000 in improvement costs to be taken from the Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund to pay for the renovations, which would include an updated countertop with security features, carpeting, and paint.
    Parks and Recreation Superintendent Steve Krull suggested the commissioners wait two to three weeks before voting on the issue, allowing time for more concrete estimates to be obtained.
    Krull also noted that a chain of command needs to be implemented through the office of grounds and building maintenance before any permanent changes are made.