Thieme wins...and so do Relay, SPI

    Janine Thieme of Decatur recently was selected as a winner in America’s Farmers Grow Communities, and the Adams County Relay for Life as well as St. Peter-Immanuel School (SPI) will benefit.
    Sponsored by the Monsanto Fund, Grow Communities was launched in 2010 and gives farmers the opportunity to win a $2,500 donation to direct to their favorite local nonprofit organizations, according to a news release.
    To further support counties that have been declared disaster areas due to drought by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), winning farmers in these counties were able to direct double the donation, a total of $5,000 to further support the community. Adams County has been declared a disaster area by the USDA, giving Thieme, the opportunity to place two $2,500 donations.
    Thieme selected Adams County Relay for Life and SPI.
     Thieme and a Monsanto representative participated in a check presentation ceremony last week at the Memorial Coliseum during the Fort Wayne Farm Show. The ceremony included seven other winning farmers from the Fort Wayne area.
    in all, the news release said, the winners from the greater Fort Wayne communities are directing a total of $40,000 to 16 different organizations.