Teen gets 14 years for molesting

    A 17-year-old Decatur boy who pleaded guilty on September 2 to two counts of child molesting received a pair of concurrent 14-year prison sentences on Tuesday from Adams Circuit Court Judge Frederick A. Schurger.
    Patrick M. Scott, who admitted engaging in sexual intercourse early this year with two 12-year-old girls, was handed the sentence. Two other molesting charges, one each involving the same girls, were dismissed.
    Scott got two 20-year sentences, with six years suspended, and will be on probation for six years after bring paroled. He received double-credit for having been in jail since March 21.
    He also must complete substance abuse counseling and an aftercare program, cannot have contact with his victims as long as he is on probation, and is required to pay probation fees and $165 in court costs.