Tearful farewell for Engle

    After 12 years of holding down the northernmost seat of the half-moon desk-like setup which holds members of city council, the mayor, city attorney, and clerk-treasurer for council meetings on the second floor of City Hall, Barb Engle got out of the chair and walked away for the final time at a little after 8 p.m. on Tuesday.
    A few moments earlier, choking back tears, the only at-large member of council  thanked city officials, council members and department heads, saying "it has been a pleasure" to serve.
    Engle, a 30-plus-years member of the teaching fraternity and a 12-year member of the Indiana Legislature prior taking the council seat, had been highly praised in a resolution read a short time earlier by City Attorney Tim Baker,.
    "You know, Barb brought a quiet, intelligent presence to the council ... simply, thank you," Mayor John Schultz said.
    Then, as he does at each council meeting, the mayor asked every department head on hand if they had any reports. There were no reports, but each offered their thanks to Engle.
    Democrat Engle, bidding for a fourth term, was defeated in last November's election by Republican Cam Collier, whose first meeting will be on Tuesday, January 3.