Tax bills about to go out

    Property taxes will be on time this year, Adams County Treasurer Rex Moore announced this week. 
    "Currently, the statements are being processed and I am anticipating them to be mailed by Friday, April 8," the treasurer said in a press release. "As in previous years, both spring and fall installments are included.  For those who have not filed for a Homestead Exemption, you will see an additional, pink Homestead Verification form.  It is important this be completed and filed with the auditor’s office." 
    Moore said the spring installment will be due Tuesday, May 10, and the fall installment will be due Thursday, November 10. 
    Payments may be made by mail or at the treasurer’s office at the Service Complex, 313 W. Jefferson St., Decatur. Envelopes must be postmarked no later than May 10 for the first installment and November 10 for the second installment. 
    Payments will be also accepted by the following financial institutions at the main offices and branches:  Bank of Geneva; First Bank of Berne; Fifth Third Bank, First Merchants Bank  and Wells Fargo Bank. 
    Credit card payments may be made by accessing the website and follow the instructions, or by calling 1-800-809-5849.  At this time there is a processing fee of 2.95 percent for credit card payment, said Moore.