Superior court to get new building - No location decided upon

    The Adams County Council was joined in its monthly meeting on Tuesday by the Adams County Commissioners.
    The council and the commissioners agreed that new superior court accommodations will be in a standalone building, and the county will not add on to or renovate any current buildings for the project.
    They also decided that this new court building will consist of two stories and a basement, and will contain the superior court, the circuit court, clerk's office, prosecutor's office, and the public defender's office.
    There was discussion about potentially locating the new court building on Madison Street, but no final decision was made.
    Discussion about a new or renovated building to house superior court has been ongoing for more than two years. The court is located in the onetime library building which is over 100 years old and security is a major concern.
    Also at the meeting:
    • Sheriff Shane Rekeweg was approved to purchase a new PSAP and recording device for the 911 system from the 911 Fund. The council also gave him permission to purchase and install in-car computers for eight patrolmen, 75 percent of which is to be funded by Prosecutor Chris Harvey's office.
    • IT Head Landon Patterson was given the okay to spend $21,000 to purchase a new fiber-optic cable to run from the jail to the Service Complex. The current cable is damaged beyond repair, and as that fiber carries communications like video conferencing between the jail, the courthouse, and the Service Complex, it must be replaced.
    • Terry Smith and Deb Stevens of the health department were approved to move the food inspector position from full-time to part-time status, and the Environmental Federal Records assistant position from part-time to full-time status.
    • Assessor Don Kuhn reported that he now has two vacancies in his office. He wishes to re-align some of the money already being used in his office to pay his employees for extra responsibilities, and he would like to hire someone to fill one of the vacancies.
    ⁃ The council asked him to provide more information and go through a wage appeal process for his current employees, and he was given permission to advertise for a new employee.