Superintendents offer ISTEP interpretations

    North Adams Superintendent Brent Lehman said Monday afternoon he had “not yet dissected” ISTEP test scores released by the Indiana Department of Education earlier in the day, but noted a meeting will be held soon with building principals to put those numbers into some sort of perspective.
    From his initial glance at the test scores of North Adams students, Lehman termed the results “a mixed bag,” but conceded the tests show a need for programs geared toward early childhood development.
    “If you look at the test scores for students in grade 3 and lower, they’re below the state average,” Lehman said. “As those kids move up through the grades, the scores continue to go up until by grade 8 we’re above the state average.
    “It shows that our kids are making great progress as they go through North Adams, but it also certainly raises some points about starting points for the students who are entering North Adams Schools,” the superintendent said.
    “There’s no good answer for the early numbers (grades 1-3), although it does speak to the benefits of early childhood education,” Lehman continued. “We need to analyze the numbers a little more closely and take a look at what we can do to get a better beginning for these kids.”
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