Storm water boss resigns

    The woman who has headed Decatur's storm water department since March of 2004, Joan Eichhorn, has resigned for "personal reasons" and reimbursed the city for almost $5,000 in claims which she submitted and which were disputed by the city.
    Eichhorn's resignation letter was dated Wednesday, December 14, the same day a hearing was held at City Hall by the Decatur Storm Water Board to discuss her situation. The board also met in executive session on December 6 to discuss the matter.
    City Attorney Tim Baker made the point at yesterday's hearing that Eichhorn has not made any admission of wrongdoing.
    Bill Karbach, a member of the Decatur Board of Public Works and Safety, said Eichhorn believed the monetary claims she submitted for a total of $4,972.29 were appropriate, but the city disagreed with her on that point.
    Baker also noted that Eichhorn has hired a lawyer, Stanley "Skip" Campbell of Fort Wayne.
    After Baker reported at Wednesday's hearing that Eichhorn had tendered her resignation, the three storm water board members voted to accept it and Mayor John Schultz agreed. The board members are all members of city council: Ken Meyer, Barb Engle, and Bill Crone.
    "Things have been resolved," declared Baker.
    The attorney also pointed out that the mayor appoints all city department leaders, so Schultz will name another storm water department manager.