Sportsform wins Clemente title

    The Clemente league championship trophy was played for on Tuesday night at Hanna Nuttman Park by the two remaining squads including Bleeke Electric out of the loser's bracket and Sportsform the team who put them there earlier in the tourney.
    In game one, Bleeke defeated Sportform by a score of 25-20 forcing a second contest.
    Bleeke was lead in game one by Bryce Rickord (HR), Cameron Freidt, Brady Malone and Sam Hackman (triple) all with five hits each. Jack Scheumann (triple), Adam Wagner and Tyler Ausland all had four hits for the winners.
    Sportform was lead in game one by Keagan Martin (triple), Austin Christner (triple, double), Nick Schultz (triple, double) and Winston Brown who all had four hits each. Beau David and Mason Myers had three hits for Sportform. 
    In game two, both teams fought to a tight battle throughout but Sportform won the war and the title with a 13-11 final score.
    The champions were lead by Martin (two triples), Christner (double) and Brown (three doubles) as each had three hits. Jayden Haines, Schultz, Sierra Schmidt and Derek Meyer each had a pair of hits.
    For the runners-up, Scheumann, Rickord, Fredit, Mason Lengerich and Wagner all had three hits in game two.  The coaching staffs agreed that both teams played their hearts out in both games leading to an exciting season finale.