South Adams on fire against Bellmont, wins 56-21

Nic Stuber runs the ball for South Adams while John Ulman chases him down.
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1st Qtr 1

1:19- James Arnold to Drew Stutzman (SA) 52 yards, PAT Aiden Wanner Good, 7-0

5:47- Arnold to Braden Bixler (SA), 57 yards, Wanner good, 14-0 00:00 Nic Stuber (SA), six yards, 21-0

2nd Qtr

11:48- Arnold to Wanner, 25 yards, Wanner good, 28-0 8:11- Arnold intercepted by Nate Ulman (B), PAT Kobe Ortiz good, 28-7 6

:55- Arnold to Stutzman, 8 yards, Wanner good, 35-7 3:20- Wanner to Miller, 64 yards, Wanner good, 42-7 :27- Wanner to Miller, 20 yards, Wanner good, 49-7

3rd Qtr

7:36- Jacob Plattner (SA) runs for six yards, PAT Hunter Kongar good, 56-7

4th Qtr 9:49 Aiden Ford (B) runs for three yards, Otriz good, 56-14

2:10 Ford runs for six yards, Ortiz good, 56-21


BERNE — "We were the better team. Our defense was phenomenal in the first half," South Adams coach Grant Mosser said, after his team beat county rival Bellmont 56-21.

Bellmont only earned five yards in the first half of Friday's loss, while South Adams amassed 424. He was not without criticism for his squad. "We dropped two touchdown passes. We weren't flowing great and we got a couple play calls in late; we still have a long way to go." South Adams demonstrated Friday night that they can move the ball whenever they want, at least against teams like Winchester and Bellmont.

In his first start of the season, veteran quarterback James Arnold led the Starfires by connecting with multiple targets in the endzone, resulting in the 56-21 loss.

"James was tentative at first but he was awesome, he stepped in and made some nice throws."      

John Wilder did not start for the Bellmont Braves, the senior QB suffered a lower calf injury earlier this week. In his stead, sophomore Chase Linegar led the Braves. This was Linegar's first varsity start for Bellmont.      

South Adams had too many offensive studs to handle. Nick Miller was able to score on offense a defense; he caught to receptions in the endzone from backup QB Aiden Wanner, as well as a pick six. Drew Stutzman, Christian Summerset and co. showed little hesitation about running over Bellmont.

 "We have Wanner, Stutzman, Miller, [Braden] Bixler, so many weapons out there for James," Mosser added.    

Bellmont scored its first touchdown of the year off a pick six from Arnold. Nate Ulman got between Arnold and his target and ran back the ball over 50 yards for six points. Later in the game, Bellmont scored its first offensive touchdown in the fourth quarter, a pass by freshman QB Aiden Ford. Ford then ran in his own TD late in the game, adding six more points for the Braves.       

Bellmont struggled with holding on to the ball; at one point the Braves fumbled on three consecutive drives. Matt Morris was again the standout for Bellmont's offense, taking a majority of the carries. Kobe Ortiz was effective in the receiving slot. Bellmont finished with 109 yards to South Adams' 478. Nearly 300 of South Adams' yards came in the air, while Bellmont only had 26.       

South Adams is now 2-0 on the season, while Bellmont has yet to earn a W.