Some good courthouse news

    Finally some good news regarding the renovation project on the Adams County Courthouse. After initially believing contractors were going to need to replace an additional 500-700 bricks, that number has been dropped to approximately 50 bricks, according to Dave Meyer of building maintenance.
    Meyer met with Dave Sholl of Schenkel and Schultz Architecture and brick expert Fritz Herget of Arsee Engineers Monday morning to inspect the brick facing that has been falling recently as contractors work to finish the tuck-pointing around the courthouse windows.
    Herget told the Adams County Commissioners that with the exception of about 50 bricks, the remaining bricks are not in need of replacing. Herget said that unless the brick face is loose and in danger of falling and creating a safety issue, the damaged bricks pose no serious issue to the structure.
    With the recent addition of gutters and downspouts on the courthouse, Herget said this takes care of the problem of water collecting on the brick face and being absorbed into the interior.
    Herget also looked at the basement entrance on the north side of the courthouse, which had partially fallen recently, and said the entrance can be repaired and does not need to be completely replaced as originally thought.
    This brings the estimate to approximately $8,600, rather than $100,000 or more the county was faced with only a few weeks ago.

    In other news, Herget inspected the leaking windows at the Service Complex and discovered that the brickwork above the windows was positioned incorrectly.
    Herget said by laying some of the bricks horizontally this allowed the water to gather and run into the building rather than away from the building.
    Commissioners have asked Herget to do repairs on one window to be certain he can fix the problem before contracting for all of the windows.
    Herget said he is still "kicking around some ideas" as to what material he wants to use to fix the problem, but did say he will remove the brickwork currently in place, repair any damages that may have been done to the building's structure, and add tuck-pointing to the windows.
    Commissioners gave to go ahead for all three projects, 3-0.