Sheriff eyeing technology changes

    Sheriff Shane Rekeweg hopes to make some changes in the technology of the sheriff's department this year.
    The current PSAP system (which records caller information from 911 phone calls) has been malfunctioning for the past two years, including times when it doesn't work at all. The current company has failed to fix all of the "bugs," so Rekeweg and county Information Technology Director Landon Patterson have decided to switch the system to one offered by Frontier.
    The anticipated cost of this switch is $138,963.57, and it will be paid from the 911 fund, which is kept for exactly this reason. Rekeweg says that if he gets the county council's approval on February 12, he will sign a contract with Frontier.
    He hopes to have the switch completed about 60 days later, by May 1.
    Sheriff Rekeweg also hopes to install in-car computers for his deputies. This will save time and paper costs all around, as tickets and citations will be recorded electronically, with the only paper cost being a slip given to the driver. It will also save time in accident reports, he noted.
    Rekeweg reported that four cars already have the computers installed, but he would like to install them in the other eight. He anticipates this cost to be a maximum of $32,000, 75 percent of which is to be paid with a grant through Prosecutor Chris Harvey's office.
    The sheriff says that if the county council gives permission for this, he will put in the orders for these computers right away, and he also hopes to have this change completed by May 1.