Sheriff dials up some big phone-bill savings

    Adams County Sheriff Shane Rekeweg has saved the county $22,110 in telephone charges that were inadvertently double-billed by the CenturyLink firm.
    At Tuesday's meeting of the county commissioners, Beth Stratman, an account manager at the Warsaw office of CenturyLink, reported that Rekeweg did a fine job of studying the telephone records and discovering that the sheriff's office had been double-billed $1,842.50 per month for 12 months for the 911 emergency telephone system.
    As a result, said Stratman, CenturyLink will return $22,110 to the county.
    Stratman also got the commissioners to sign two contracts to extend CenturyLink service to the sheriff's department.
    One is for two years at $1,842.50 a month for 911 calls.
    The other is for 3 1/2 cents per call for long-distance calls and an upper limit of no more than $3,000 to be paid by the county. This contract is for one year.
    Stratman told the commissioners that there have been some months in which the sheriff's office made more than $3,000 worth of long-distance calls.
    On another matter involving the sheriff's department, the commissioners passed on first reading then tabled until next Monday an ordinance for the department to charge a $50 fee per person per year for each Adams County resident who complies with state law and registers with the ACSD as a convicted sex or violent offender.
     It also would allow the department to charge each offender $5 when he or she changes address.
    The ordinance also says that the county auditor shall each month transfer 10 percent of any such fees to the treasurer of the State of Indiana for deposit in the state sex and violent offender administration fund.