Seeking blizzard of '78 photos, information

Staff Writer

Decatur Daily Democrat

    January 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the Blizzard of 1978. Historically one of the most powerful winter storms on record paralyzed the central and eastern United States in late January 1978.
    When the earliest flakes began flying the morning of Jan. 25, 1978, few Hoosiers could have known the devastating impact this once-in-a-generation blizzard would have on their lives, despite the warnings coming from forecasters at the National Weather Service.
    Even experienced weather professionals — who knew what was coming — had little idea of exactly what they would face over the next few days, as such an epic storm had no equal in Indiana history.
    According to retired WTHR meteorologist Bob Gregory, in an Indianapolis Monthly article on the 20th anniversary of the blizzard, “In these parts, ‘blizzard’ was just a word in the dictionary. That was something they got in the Northeast or the Great Plains, but not here.”
    This March, as part of our annual "People, Places & Profiles" edition, the Daily Democrat will take a look back at the storm that left Adams County residents stranded for days, and we need your help. Those willing to share their experience, either with photos, stories or both, are asked to contact the Democrat at 724-2121 or by email at