Sculpture awards are announced

    The Decatur Sculpture Walk Committee has announced five 2012 award winners.
    Gregory Mendez’s Effortlessly Buoyant, sponsored by the Adams County Community Foundation, was the People's Choice Award recipient, chosen by the public in ballots submitted at the library in Decatur and the Adams County Community Foundation.
    The Mayor’s Choice Award went to Curtis Rose for his True Love Grows, a piece sponsored by the Decatur Daily Democrat. Dr. Larry Wiedman’s Plodding Along was selected for the Platinum Award. Plodding Along was sponsored by Berne Ready Mix.
    The Decatur Sculpture Walk Committee selected Aubris Taylor’s Reflections & Deflections, sponsored by the West End Restaurant, for the Committee Award winner. Meanwhile, Two for Flinching by Mendez received the David Smith Award. The David Smith Award was based on ballots by the bronze,silver, gold, and platinum sponsors.
    The Decatur Sculpture Walk was established in 2012 as a way to encourage and develop art appreciation in Adams County. Decatur Mayor John Schultz noted, “The exhibit not only brings an additional educational opportunity to the community, but it also has increased downtown traffic.”
    Coni Mayer, executive director of the Adams County Community Foundation, added, “The committee is very excited about our inaugural art event and the variety of sculpture exhibited. We look forward to unveiling our next round of sculptures in June of 2013 so the community can appreciate them all summer.”  The 2012 sculptures remain on display through May 2013.
    The deadline for 2013 artists is January 31, 2013. Form and registration information is available online at
    Visit for up-to-date event details. To become a sponsor, contact Wes Kuntzman, director of the Decatur Chamber of Commerce:(260) 724-2604.