Schultz works on getting sister city

    Decatur Mayor John Schultz apparently is making progress on forming a sister-city relationship with a Chinese community.
    Schultz and  Adams County Economic Development Director Larry Macklin are part of a group on a trade mission to China led by Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman.
    On her blog, Skillman wrote the following:
    "The relationship of trading our goods and services dives deeper from the state level to the local level. I took part in a meeting between Ft. Wayne and their new sister city, Taizhou. Decatur Mayor John Schultz attended the meeting and the city intends to form an official relationship with Taizhou as well.
    "The innovation between Ft. Wayne and Taizhou is remarkable as they've begun partnerships between their schools and hospitals as well as businesses. This collaboration at the local level will provide numerous benefits statewide."
    After a 16-hour plane ride and then a three-hour bus ride to their hotel, the group finally arrived in Hangzhou, according to Skillman. "Once our feet hit the ground the work to strengthen ties with the Chinese and showcase the best Indiana has to offer began immediately," she noted.
    The Associated Press said Skillman is honoring Indiana’s 25 years of working with China’s Zheijang (ZHAY’-jawng) province as part of her trade trip to China.
    Skillman recognized Indiana’s sister province Wednesday in an event with Vice Governor Gong Jeng (gawng jeng). The sister-state relationship was started 25 years ago by former Gov. Robert Orr.
    Skillman is on a weeklong mission including a business summit and private meetings with Chinese businesses. She is meeting with prospective importers of Indiana-manufactured goods. Skillman’s office reports that Indiana exports to China have increased more than fivefold in 10 years.
    Skillman writes on her blog that she is focusing on Indiana’s agricultural exports. Skillman also serves as Indiana’s agriculture secretary.
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