School board filing deadline drawing near

    Adams County Clerk Gayla Reinhart has announced that those interested in becoming a candidate for any of the three public school boards in Adams County has until noon on August 24 to file an application.
    Forms are available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at the clerk’s office in the courthouse.
    At this time, Reinhart said, only two individuals, Derek Vrablic and Robert (Bob) Thomas, have filed for seats, both for a North Adams board seat from District One.
    There have been no filings for seats on either Adams Central or South Adams boards.
     This is the first year that school boards are elected in the fall; the elections were held in spring primaries in past years.

    Four members will be elected to the North Adams board during November's general election.
    The November election begins the lengthy transformation of the North Adams board from an appointed body to an elected one, and will also mark the expansion of the board from a five-member panel to a seven-member board.
    Voters will elect two candidates from District 1 — which includes the corporation limits of the city of Decatur — and two candidates from District 2 — which includes Union Township, Root Township, Preble Township, and the northern two miles of Washington Township.
    The top vote-getter in each district will receive a four-year term that will start Jan. 1, 2013. The second-place vote-getters in each district will complete the remainder of terms now held by the respective appointed sitting board members.
    According to board attorney Scott Ainsworth, the fall election in 2014 will see one at-large board candidate elected, in addition to one candidate each from District 1 and District 2.