Scholar athletes honored at SA

    Many athletes at South Adams High School have been honored by school officials for their academic achievements. The following have grade-point averages of 3.67 (A-minus) or higher on the SAHS four-point scale, and were named scholar-athletes.
    Seniors—Curtis Mitchel, football; Bobby Switzer, soccer; Aine O'Donnell, tennis manager; Reid Zurcher, tennis; Kylie Cisney, golf; Erik Subler, football; Emily Miller, cross-country; Sam Amstutz, football.
    Juniors—Scott Hoeppner, tennis; Jenna Smith, cross-country; Adrianna Teeter, volleyball; Jacob Werst, cross-country; Kristal All, golf; Evan Johnston, football; Dustin Wanner, football; Tim Lehman, football; Hannah Moore, cross-country; Kristen Lehman, golf; Lily Taing, volleyball; Logan Steiner, football; Ian Frank, tennis.
    Sophomores—Evan Liechty, cross-country; Drew Litwiller, football; Corey Seffernick, football; Blake Fox, football; Adrienne Pursley, golf; Hannah Mitchel, volleyball; Landon Lehman, tennis; Destinty Amstutz, volleyball; Jody Potts, volleyball; Abbie Fisher, golf; Cory Sank, football; Alex Kistler, football; Kara DeLong, volleyball; Nathan Wynn, football.
    Freshmen—Chelsea Moore, soccer; Clayton Rhoades, cross-country; Erika Miller, soccer; Collin Affolder, football; Allison Amstutz, cross-country; Alyssa Bluhm, volleyball; Cheyenne Evans, soccer; Shelby Mellencamp, volleyball; Erika Miller, soccer; Hannah Taing, volleyball; Shad Swygart, soccer; Jared Rife, tennis; Michaela Rupp, soccer; Brandy Rogers, volleyball.