Records move complete, at great savings

    The massive project to move the archive records that were being housed at the Adams County Jail has been completed, according to Adams County Recorder Connie Moser.
    Moser told the Adams County Commissioners Monday the job of transferring the records from the jail to the Bank of Geneva, Berne branch, involved workers from Community Corrections, work-release inmates, transportation officer Fritz Bultemeyer, Aauditor Bill Borne, Clerk Gayla Reinhart, Rose Bryan of the Adams Public Library system, and Moser.
    Moser said she did some calculations to estimate how much money the county saved by doing the transfer in-house.
    As the transfer was being done, Moser said she kept track of the days and the number of hours worked, which came up to 390 man hours. Calculating pay at $10 per hour, she estimated the county saved $3,900.
    Moser went on to say that work release inmates worked on moving things and disassembling shelving units at the banks prior to the records transfer. She estimated that two people worked an 60 hours for an additional savings of $1,200.
    Calculating mileage, Moser said there were one to three vehicles traveling back and forth each day during the transfer, for a total of 1,326 miles. At 44 cents a mile, this total came to $583.
    By not hiring an outside mover, Moser estimated the total savings to the county to be $5,683.