Record setting arctic blast

    After battling unusually heavy snowfall levels for the better part of three days and experiencing what are believed to be record-setting overnight temperatures, some relief is in sight for Adams County residents.
    Temperatures overnight dipped to minus-14 degrees, according to a spokesman from the Decatur wastewater treatment plant. The city employee was “not 100 percent sure” if that figure represented an all-time low temperature reading for the city. But it was close. The unofficial wind-chill factor at 8 a.m. today was minus-35 degrees.
    The mercury hovered around minus-11 degrees at 7 a.m. today, but the National Weather Service forecast calls for temperatures to climb to 5-above zero later today with a 20 percent chance of snow. Wednesday’s forecast calls for temperatures to rise to 20 degrees, and by Friday the high is predicted to reach 36 degrees with a 40 percent chance of light rain or freezing rain.
    Adams County remained under a Code Red travel advisory this morning, restricting vehicular travel to only emergency first responders and law enforcement officers. County roadways were reported as “still in horrible shape” by County Emergency Management Agency Director John August.
    All county offices, with the exception of the sheriff’s department, remained closed today. City of Decatur governmental offices reopened after being closed all day Monday.
    All three county school districts cancelled classes for the second consecutive day Tuesday, further extending the Christmas holiday break for students.