Potential bad weather

Staff Writer

    According to the National Weather Service, Adams County residents should be on the look out for bad weather this afternoon while traveling, enjoying Swiss Days and getting ready for the weekend.
    Atmospheric conditions are favorable for the development of funnel clouds associated with rain showers and thunderstorms across the area. These funnel clouds normally protrude a few hundred feet downward from the parent cloud and rotate or spin like a top. Possible funnels could potentially last a few minutes before dissipating.
    These funnel clouds rarely touch the ground and typically do not pose any sort of hazard. The atmospheric conditions these funnels are developing in do not support strong or damaging tornadoes; however, on extremely rare occasions, these funnels can briefly touch the ground and produce minimal, if any, damage.
 The National Weather Service will continue to closely monitor the situation. Forward reports of funnel sightings to the nearest law enforcement agency for relay to the National Weather Service.