Pond enters plea of guilty

    A rural Ossian man charged with murder in the shooting death of a four-year-old neighbor boy ended Friday when he pleaded guilty in Wells Circuit Court to a reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter.
    Bruce Pond, 47, entered the plea in an agreement that included filing the manslaughter charge and dismissing the murder charge.
    He admitted firing two shots with a rifle toward a light on a pier on a small lake beside his home on the night of July 23, 2011. He reportedly told two people with him at the time "that will teach them," since he was bothered by the light
    One of the shots killed Jacob "Jake" Michuda, 4, who was helping his father fish on the pier.
    Pond will be sentenced in early 2012 and, according to the agreement, will get 40 years or less in prison.
    The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette said documents filed in the court state that after Pond realized emergency personnel were coming to the pier which had been his target, he gave the rifle to his son and told him to hide it.
Prison term
    Douglas A. Breiner, a 36-year-old Decatur resident, was handed a four and one-half year prison term in Adams Circuit Court on Friday after he pleaded guilty on December 2 to two counts of forgery in regard to using someone else's credit card and to one count each of identity deception and theft.
    Another identity deception charge was dismissed.
    Breiner got three concurrent sentences: six years, with three years suspended; six years, with three years suspended; and three years. He also received a consecutive 547-day sentence.
    The judge allowed him double-credit for having been in jail for 143 days.
    In addition, Breiner was ordered to pay court costs, $6,542.63 in restitution, and probation fees while on probation for two years. He must complete substance abuse and/or alcohol counseling.