Pilot program at ACentral is outlined

    Adams Central High School business teacher Sharilyn Boots, accompanied by student Deatra Gremaux, talked to the Adams Central Board of Education this week about a pilot program allowing students to participate in virtual internships.
    Boots stated she was contacted by Ryan Twist of the Talent Initiative about establishing a group of students who would take part in the internship program.
    Students were asked to put together three pieces of material to hand out to businesses to increase awareness of the virtual internship program, hopefully creating more opportunities for students.
    The goal of the project, said Boots, is to give students more opportunities to do internships by allowing them to work for employers online, rather than in the traditional workplace.
    Boots said students such as Gremaux do not generally have enough time during the school day to drive to businesses further away than Berne or Decatur. With three schools in the county participating in the internship program, this creates a problem in finding students internships.
    This program allows students to work for companies in Fort Wayne, or further away, and also would allow students to work as interns during the summer months as well, according to Boots.
    Superintendent MIke Pettibone said he was impressed with the new opportunities this presented students and commended Boots on her work with the program.