Pettibone steps down at AC

    After a decade at Adams Central Community Schools, Superintendent Mike Pettibone announced Tuesday night that he will retire at the end of the 2012-13 school year.
    Pettibone submitted his letter of retirement to a less than full Board of Education Tuesday evening, with members Steve Bailey and John Fox absent, and Brian Tonner leaving early to attend another meeting.
    Bailey announced through a letter of resignation that he is leaving the board.
    Pettibone stated in his letter of intent that he feels very fortunate to have served as superintendent at AC, and that he has developed an appreciation for the commitment of the staff and the community to maintain a culture of caring and excellence at the school.
    " . . . Because of the genuine kindness of the folks involved with Adams Central, my life has been enriched in a spiritual manner," said Pettibone. "My life has been impacted through colleagues, friends of the school, and an abundance of talented students. It is my hope that I have been able to contribute a small portion in return of what I have received."
    Steve Maller said he appreciated Pettibone's openness, noting that even though they didn't always agree, they were able to maintain a friendship, something Maller said can be difficult to do.
    When President Wes Kuntzman called for a motion to accept the letter of retirement, the board members present sat silently looking at one another, with member John Sipe quipping to Maller, "If you had left earlier" as Maller had joked, "we wouldn't have a quorum." With this the tension was broken and Mike Brown, reluctantly, moved to accept Pettibone's letter of retirement, which the board then carried, 4-0.
    "I don't think this community will ever truly know all he's brought to this school," said Maller.
    Pettibone said he wishes the people of the community and the school leadership the very best in the future.
    Bailey submitted his letter of resignation to the board Tuesday as he has accepted a job in Ohio and will be moving out of state after the beginning of the new year.
    Bailey said it is with mixed emotions that he submits his resignation after 22 years, but is very excited for the new opportunity he and his wife have been given.
    "My time on the board has provided some of the very best experiences of my life," said Bailey in his letter. "and leaving this position was one of the many aspects of this decision that created hesitation."
    In the end, Bailey said he and his wife felt it was time to leave their comfort zone and experience life outside of Adams County.
    The board accepted Bailey's resignation, 4-0, and Kuntzman directed the board's attention to the last line of Bailey's letter.
    "I feel confident that Adams Central remains in good hands," the letter said, "and you will continue to follow the guidance I received 22 years ago ... 'We have a good thing here ... just don't screw it up.'"
    The board will be accepting applications for the open position through Monday, December 31. It will then meet on January 7 to interview applicants, and will appoint a new member on January 14.
    Those interested in applying for the position may submit letters of interest to the Board of School Trustees, Adams Central Community Schools, 222 W. Washington St., Monroe, IN 46772.
    Qualified individuals must be at least 18 years old and must live in St. Mary's Township.
    For more information contact Kuntzman: (260) 724-2604, or (260) 701-0538.