Pettibone: Plenty of classroom space

    As the latest Adams Central improvement project moves toward completion next month ahead of schedule, AC Superintendent Mike Pettibone told the school board at its Tuesday-night session that the plans contain plenty of classroom space.
    Pettibone said he chose to speak out because of rumors in the district that the project would leave the school with an insufficient number of classrooms.
    That's completely untrue, he stated, saying, "We're not short of rooms. We're in pretty doggoned good shape."
    Pettibone pointed out that the plans drawn up for the construction and renovation project took into account that some classrooms will be shared, since not all teachers have classes in every period. Thus, when one teacher (or two teachers, if one considers the New Tech style of instruction) is not using a room, another one can use it.
    There are even a few rooms, such as the school board meeting room, that could be easily used as classrooms, if so required, he stated.
    Backing up Pettibone's views was board member Steve Bailey, who has more than 20 years of service on the AC board.
    The superintendent noted that while the overall project is costing $10 million, the actual construction work is worth $8.8 million, which includes $4 million in plumbing, heating, cooling, etc. improvements.
    Pettibone said the school will move into the new areas from October 21-24 and new classroom furniture and student lockers will arrive next Monday, October 17.
    About the project being ahead of schedule, he commended those workers who put in extra time and effort on weekends last spring to get the foundations dug and poured.
    Overall, said Pettibone, Adams Central "got a good bang for our dollar" with this project.