Pettibone gets OK for free trip to China

    The Adams Central School Board approved a professional leave of absence for Superintendent Mike Pettibone at its monthly meeting on Tuesday afternoon.
    Pettibone was invited by a group in Jay County to travel to Taiwan, Beijing, and Anjung, at no cost to the school corporation, in an effort to form a partnership between Taiwanese and American schools systems.
    Having already met with Taiwanese representatives out of Chicago, Pettibone hopes to act as an ambassador of sorts to increase interest in Adams County.
    Taiwanese representatives have already expressed interest in soybean oil produced at the Bunge North America plant in Decastur, and would like to have a Taiwanese teacher come to the U.S. to teach.
    Board president Wes Kuntzman said "I think this is an outstanding opportunity not only for you (Pettibone), but for the school district and the county, too."
    Considering Pettibone will be gone from April 2-April 20, 2012, a formal document will be drawn up and presented at the next board meeting appointing a temporary replacement during Pettibone's absence.