Pet of the Week: Mags

Staff Writer

    Mags, 4, is an English Shepherd, sometimes called a farm collie. She lives in Grangeville, Idaho.
    Mags is special for many reasons. English shepherds often want to help their owners, but Mags takes that a step further.  She would just about do anything to please her owner, Kris Hazelbaker.
    Mags is an all-purpose farm dog. She hunts vermin like mice and ground hogs and she watches for hawks and will chase them off.  She has been, and thinks she still is, a cow dog.
    Mags is now discouraged from stock work because a year and a half ago, she tore the nerves in her withers, and paralyzed her left front leg. It has since been amputated.  But being the extreme athlete that she is, this has not slowed her down at all.  She still runs faster than other dogs around her and climbs up and down rock outcrops and hunts.
    Mags has not been limited by her injury in anyway and is a very happy dog who is not afraid of anything.
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