Park Center report given

    A report by and about the Park Center counseling business in Decatur was given at the January meeting of the Adams County Council, since Park Center gets an annual $172,116 subsidy from the county.
    Paul Wilson, chief executive officer of Park Center, and Tonya Eiden, the manager of the Decatur office, gave the following figures about the agency's operations here from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010:
    • 670 clients seen.
    • 6,513 services provided to those clients.
    • More than 13 people working in the Park Center office.
    • $690,290 paid in salaries here.
    • $867,917 cost to run the local office.
    • $172,116 tax subsidies from Adams County.
    • $211,726 in subsidies from the Fort Wayne office.
    • $484,075 in losses here subsidized by state and Allen County funds.
    Wilson said he hopes the county could find more money to provide to Park Center, since its budget is "very tight." He noted that the center made large staff layoffs last year in the Allen County office and that one person who left the Decatur site was not replaced.
    Park Center provides many services, such as aiding people with addictions, counseling people on probation, performing outpatient assistance, and helping people via psychiatry.