Panel picks 1st Street as jail site

    Adams County Commission Chairman Doug Bauman, acting as a member of the county’s Judicial Needs Committee, informed his fellow commissioners Monday  the six-member committee had met several times over the past two and a half months to nail down the location of the planned jail/superior court building.
    Bauman stated the committee had “discussed and thoroughly studied our options” to determine the best site for the proposed complex. After extensive analysis and review, “We took a vote and it came out 5-1 in favor of a 1st Street location” in Decatur, Bauman said. The commission chair noted that while committee member and County Council President Randy Colclasure had not been present for the vote, he had later indicated his preference with the majority. Bauman didn’t indicate which committee member had voted in opposition to the site or what his opposition was in relation to the location.
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