One down, one to go -- But what to do with the exposed wall?

    One is down and one is yet to fall.
    The former Dwayne's Sweeper Shop has been demolished and next up will be the onetime street department garage between the city pool and police station. Mayor John Schultz gave updates on both projects at Tuesday night's city council meeting.
    The now-empty lot at Second and Monroe streets has been seeded, "a temporary thing until we decide what to do there," the mayor said.
    As was expected, the demolition laid bare the north wall of the adjacent building, owned by CPA Becky Cochran. The next step will focus on what to do to with the wall, likely covering it in some manner and sealing it.
    Roger Gage, city building and zoning superintendent, has been working with some people on what to do with the wall and has some ideas of his own, according to the mayor. "But I don't expect anything to happen with the wall until spring," Schultz added.
    "We need to seal it in some way," said Gage.
    One of Gage's prime tasks will be to determine cost.
    "Drive through Roanoke and see what they've done with the sides of their buildings," Councilman Matt Dyer offered. Wabash has a similar situation, according to the mayor.
    The empty lot has stirred considerable input from the public on the lot's future. Dyer said he has been given suggestions by a number of people.
    The mayor continued to stand by his previous statements. "There are no plans on what to do there yet," he said.
    Meanwhile, it will be spring before the old garage — and onetime city utility building — comes down. Schultz said a pre-bid meeting is scheduled for next Monday, when specifications will be checked out by possible bidders, then bids will be taken February 9.
    The city has received a $400,000 federal Community Development Block Grant to raze the deteriorating structure.  The city will pay 20 percent of the estimated $500,000 demolition project cost, or approximately $103,000.