Noetzel leaving GOP post

    The Adams County Republican Party will hold its quadrennial reorganizational meeting at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 2, at GOP headquarters at 149 N. 2nd St. in downtown Decatur.
    According to county Party Chairman Rob Noetzel, the state rules of the Indiana Republican Party set the guidelines which call for a reorganizational caucus every four years for the election of the county Republican Central Committee, including the selection of a county chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary.
    In a written statement to county Republican precinct committeeman, vice committeeman and Republican elected officials, Noetzel announced he will not seek another term as the county GOP chairman, a position he has held for the last six years.
    "It is my firm belief that together we have accomplished great things at the city, county and state level during my tenure as your county chairman, and I have very much enjoyed the honor and privilege of serving you," Noetzel said in the statement.
    "There are a few close friends in the party who I have confided in with my decision, and they have asked me to reconsider and to run for another term as county chairman. While I very much appreciate their encouragement, I truly feel that this decision is best for both the party as a whole and for me personally," Noetzel said.    
    "It is not a decision I have made lightly or quickly, and the fact is that it is a decision that was made back in late 2010 ... In order to shake things up before comfort and complacency set in, I believe that now is the time for me to step aside and let someone else lead."
    Noetzel said he intends to spend more time volunteering with his son's sports teams and serving as a leader of his Boy Scout troop.
    "In addition, I presently have some professional career opportunities that, should they come to fruition, will preclude me from making the time commitment that I feel is required in order to continue to serve as your county chairman at the level which our community and party deserve," he said. "Please know that I intend to remain actively involved in our Republican party."