No renovation for old AC structure

    When the new section of Adams Central School was completed, officials began discussing what to do with the remaining old section. A few years later, the school district's board of education is once again looking for a solution for the aging structure.
    Jeremy Ringger, president of Weigand Construction of Fort Wayne, met with the board Tuesday night to share his recommendation as to whether the school should spend more than $300,000 to renovate the facility.
    Ringger spent several days inspecting the old section of the school, including a tunnel underneath which has posed a concern for administrators. He gave a resounding "no" to thoughts of renovating.
    The old section may be the ugly duckling when stacked next to the shiny new building, but it is still structurally sound, according to Ringger, who added that renovations would cost the school more money than the building itself is worth.
    With a leaking roof overhead and a sagging floor beneath, Ringger said repairs made by Maintenance Supervisor Todd McDonald have served the building well, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
    While the building may be sound, it is rapidly aging and will need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Ringger said with that in mind, investing $300,000 or more into repairs simply doesn't make sense.