No primary, only NA tax vote

      Voters in Berne, Monroe, and Geneva can rest easily on May 3, primary election day, because there will be no voting in those communities
    Geneva held an election last year and there are no intraparty races in Berne and Monroe.
    There will also be no political voting in Decatur on May 3, since no races were set up by the election filings that ended at noon on Friday. But there will be "yes" or "no" voting in the North Adams Community Schools District on a referendum sought by the school board to raise taxes to cover recent financial losses.
    The North Adams referendum reads as follows:
    "For the next seven calendar years immediately following the holding of the referendum pursuant to Indiana Code 20-46-1-8(a)(1), shall the North Adams Community Schools Corp. impose a property tax rate that does not exceed  20.45 cents on each $100 of assessed valuation and that is in addition to all other property tax levies imposed by the school corporation?"
    At this point, only one race in the fall election is assured in Decatur: incumbent Democrat Barbara Engle opposed by Republican Cameron Collier for the at-large seat city council.
    All other candidates here are unopposed in the primary. Either party, however, has until July 5 to "slate" a candiate: fill a vacant place on its ballot.
    Berne has one race assured: Republican Bill McKean and Democrat Ray Gill vying to fill the post held by Mayor John Minch, who decided not to seek a third term.
    Here are the public office filers this year who will appear on ballots in Decatur, Berne, and Monroe in the November general election, with "(I)" indicating incumbents.
    Of the 20 people who filed, 18 are seeking the same positions, one is a first-time candidate, and one is a veteran city councilman now running for mayor.
    Mayor—Democrat John Schultz (I).
    Clerk-Treasurer—Democrat Phyllis Whitright (I).
    Council At-Large—Democrat Barb Engle (I) and Republican Cameron Collier.
    Council, First District—Republican Matt Dyer (I).
    Council, Second District—Democrat Charlie Cook (I).
    Council, Third District—Democrat Bill Crone (I).
    Council, Fourth District—Republican Ken Meyer (I).
    Mayor—Democrat Ray Gill and Republican Bill McKean.
    Clerk-Treasurer—Republican Gwen Maller (I).
    Council At-Large—Democrat Mike Poulson (I).
    Council, First District—Republican Curt Wurster (I).
    Council, Second District—Republican Gregg Sprunger (I).
    Council, Third District—Republican Mark Wynn (I).
    Council, Fourth District—Democrat Ron Dull (I).
    Council, First District—Republican Mike Geels (I).
    Council, Second District—Republican Al Lehman (I).
    Council, Third District—Democrat Debra Giessler (I).
    Clerk-Treasurer—Democrat Rachel Burkhart (I).